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The Doors: San Francisco Winterland December 26 and 28, 1967. (No Label)
Recorded Live at Winterland, San Francisco, CA, USA - December 26 & 28, 1967.
Very Good Mono Audience Recording :: CDr :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. Backdoor Man
02. Break On Through
03. When The Music's Over
04. Close To You
05. Mannish Boy
06. Mannish Boy - Part 2
07. Wake Up
08. Light My Fire
09. Alabama Song (whisky Bar) - Incomplete
10. Backdoor Man - Incomplete
11. You're Lost Little Girl - Incomplete
12. Love Me Two Times - Incomplete
13. Wake Up
14. Light My Fire
15. The Unknown Soldier - Incomplete

Files: 15. :: Size: 163.57 MB (mp3) / 268 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:11:30 hour/s.

Personnel: Jim Morrison :: Ray Manzarek :: John Densmore :: Robby Krieger.

Notes: About RMST: edits include very limited use of click/pop elimination to remove some of the louder claps that interfere with the performance as well as light limiting to reduce some of the areas of the recording that are overly quiet or drop suddenly due to original recording manipulation. In the end, what is produced is a much more coherent sounding recording, cleaner, crisper and certainly deeper than that of the original source. It's still nowhere near perfect, but at least it's listenable!.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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Gary Moore: Hurricane, The First Live In Japan. (No Label)
Recorded Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan - January 22, 1983.
Excellent- Audience Recording :: CDr/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. End Of The World
03. Wishing Well
04. Rockin' Every Night
05. Guitar Intro / Cold Hearted
06. Nuclear Attack
07. I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow
08. Always Gonna Love You

Disc 2
01. Band Intro / Hurricane Part 1
02. Drum Solo / Hurricane Part 2
03. White Knuckles
04. Rockin' & Rollin'
05. Back On The Streets
06. Parisienne Walkways
07. Intro Reprise
08. Higher Ground
09. Sunset
10. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again

Files: 18. :: Size: 206.54 MB (Mp3) / 562 MB (Flac).
Total Time: 01:30:17 hour/s.

*** Corridors of Power Tour ***

Personnel: Gary Moore - Guitar/Vocals :: John Sloman - Vocals/Keys :: Don Airey - Keys :: Neil Murray - Bass :: Ian Paice - Drums.

Notes: Audience Recording :: Sound Quality: A-.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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Faith No More: Let's Crack The Ghosts Of Hitler. (Cracked :: 405 Cracked)
Recorded Live at Music Hall, Hannover, Germany - November 08, 1992.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CD :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. intro
02. Caffeine
03. Falling To Pieces
04. Land Of Sunshine
05. Midlife Crisis
06. RV
07. Surprise! You're Dead!
08. Be Aggressive
09. Introduce Yourself
10. Easy
11. Crack Hitler
12. Everything's Ruined
13. We Care A Lot
14. Woodpecker From Mars
15. Jizzlobber
16. Epic
17. Kindergarten
18. Let's Lynch The Landlord
19. Mark Bowen

Files: 19. :: Size: 162.57 MB (mp3) | 491 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:11:03 hour/s.

*** Angel Dust tour ***

Personnel: Mike Bordin :: Roddy Bottum :: Billy Gould :: Mike Patton :: Jim Martin.

Notes: Quality :VG (8½/10) bootlegzone. Recorded in Hanover Music Hall on 8th November 1992. Excellent audience recording (pushing 9/10).<-(Info taken from steve23yh/ bootlegzone).

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Buddy Guy feat. Eric Clapton: Strange Brew. (Watch Tower :: WT2001002)
Tracks 1-4 recorded in Atlanta on September 10, 1998. Tracks 5-9 recorded at Shepherd's Bush Empire London, England on May 28, 1996.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. Got My Mojo Working
02. 5 Long Years
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Strange Brew
05. Going Down
06. Strange Brew (*)
07. I'll Play the Blues For You
08. Ain't That Peculiar
09. Red House

Files: 9. :: Size: 166.52 MB (MP3) / 413 mb (FLAC).
Total Time: 01:12:47 hour/s.

Notes: Tracks 1-4 recorded in Atlanta on September 10, 1998. Tracks 5-9 recorded at Shepherd's Bush Empire London, England on May 28, 1996. (*) Featuring Eric Clapton on guitar. Not to be confused with the E.C. IS HERE - DJCOPY release "Strange Brew".<-(Info taken from

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Kiss: Crazy Killer Whales Alive!. (Tarantura - TCDKISS-2)
Recorded Live at Aichiken Taiiku Hall, Nagoya, Japan - March 28, 1977.
Excellent Mr Peach's Audience Recording :: Silver CD :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

1. Opening
2. Monitor Check
3. Introduction
4. Detroit Rock City
5. Take Me
6. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
7. Ladies Room
8. Firehouse
9. Makin' Love
10. I Want You
11. Cold Gin
12. Guitar Solo
13. Do You Love Me
14. Nothin' To Lose
15. Bass Solo
16. God Of Thunder
17. Drum Solo
18. God Of Thunder
19. Rock And Roll All Nite
20. Shout It Out Loud (encore)
21. Beth (encore)
22. Black Diamond (encore)

Files: 22. :: Size: 185.62 MB (mp3) | 546 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:18:34 hour/s.

*** Rock And Roll Over Tour ***

Personnel: Paul Stanley – rhythm guitar, vocals :: Gene Simmons – bass, vocals :: Ace Frehley – lead guitar, vocals :: Peter Criss – drums, vocals.

Notes: Silver CD "Crazy Killer Whales Alive!" - WAV - TLH - FLAC8 * Audience Recording * Sound Quality : EX+. This is another Mr. Peach recording of the Nagoya 1977 show. This one is called Crazy Killer Whales Alive (TCDKISS-2) and is a one disc set in a gatefold sleeve and obi strip. (Info taken from original info file).

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Van Halen: Celeblation Of Big Rock. (Aces High :: AH CD 031/32)
Recorded Live at Furitu Taiikukan, Osaka, Japan - September 10, 1979.
VG+/EX- Audience Recording :: Silver CD/s :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Light Up The Sky
02. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
03. Drum Solo
04. Runnin' With The Devil
05. Dance The Night Away
06. Beautiful Girls
07. On Fire
08. Bass Solo
09. You're No Good
10. Jamie's Cryin'
11. Jam
12. Feel Your Love Tonight

Disc 2
01. Outta Love Again
02. Ice Cream Man
03. Ain't Tailin' ' Bout Love
04. Spanish Fly ~ Guitar Solo
05. You Really Got Me
06. Bottom's Up
07. Atomic Punk

Files: 19. :: Size: 203.01 MB (mp3) | 516 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:28:44 hour/s.

*** World Vacation Tour ***

Personnel: David Lee Roth :: Eddie Van Halen :: Alex Van Halen :: Michael Anthony.

Notes: Released in August or September of 2001. * These pressed CDs are limited to 300 copies, the artwork states. * Audience recording. * Track 7 of Disc 2 (Atomic Punk) starts with them playing Growth and then dropping into Atomic Punk.<-(Info taken from

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This is the NEW Led Zeppelin release titled “Magical Sound Boogie” (06/07/77 MSG, previously unreleased SB). It was issued by EVSD and it’s the first NYC 1977 show, complete and in stereo SB.

Led Zeppelin: Magical Sound Boogie. (Empress Valley :: EVSD-550/551/552)
Recorded Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA - June 07, 1977.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. The Song Remains The Same
02. Sick Again
03. Nobody's Fault But Mine
04. In My Time Of Dying
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. No Quarter

Disc 2
01. Ten Years Gone
02. The Battle Of Evermore
03. Going To California
04. Black Country Woman
05. Bron-yr-stomp
06. White Summer / Black Mountian Side
07. Kashmir

Disc 3
01. Moby Dick
02. Guitar Solo
03. Achilles Last Stand
04. Stairway To Heaven
05. Whole Lotta Love
06. Rock And Roll

Files: 19. :: Size: 412.41 MB (mp3) / 926 MB (flac).
Total Time: 03:00:16 hour/s.

*** Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1977 ***

Personnel: Jimmy Page :: John Paul Jones :: Robert Plant :: John Bonham.

Notes: At last, EV has managed to continue its “Soundboard Revolution” by releasing this title featuring a newly surfaced SB from the first show that the band held at MSG on 7 June 1977. As rather expected, its sound quality has turned out to be unfortunately not as good as the SBs made available from a number of shows in 1975 and more or less similar to those already available from some shows in 1977, sounding drier and more compressed. It sounds somewhat stiff. More precisely, I will rank it in between EV's "The Powhatan Confederacy" (from the show on 28 May 1977) and the same label's "Bringing The House Down" (from the show on 26 May 1977). The last one sounds best in terms of the range and the balance among the three titles which were recorded at proximate times. In any event, it is certainly good to have another SB from 1977, especially from one of the shows at MSG, since there was no great audience recording of any of those shows, despite the general belief of people who witnessed that the levels of the band’s performances at those shows were great.

If my memory serves me correctly, Jimmy Page has once revealed that the atmosphere for the first night at MSG in 1977 was "electrifying." Now we can confirm, through this SBD, that the in natural response to such an atmosphere, the band's playing at the show is gutsy and generally excellent from 1977 standard. Every member of the band is in good shape. Now we can confirm that the band's performance at this show should truly be comparable to those at LA Forum that have long been available through better sounding audience recordings. In addition, I note that the acoustic set on CD2 is very well recorded and sounds nice in this SB. However, "Black Country Woman" is cut very short for some unknown reason. It's regrettable.

Notably, "No Quarter" at this show includes another enjoyable "Nutcracker" section. However, the band loses its way in the middle of "Kashmir," as it often happened. The band loses its way again in the latter part of "Rock And Roll" after Robert mistakenly attempted to finish the song earlier. Overall, however, the band’s first return to MSG since February 1975 was definitely a triumph for the band.

The bonus 3CDs feature the newly surfaced audience recording of the show on 10 June 1977, although the paper insert incorrectly refers to "June 6, 1977." At the end of Disc 3, it also includes a SB recording of Jimmy's guitar solo as performed in LA on 23 June 1977. Therefore, the bonus discs are basically the same as what Wendy released in its title "Relic From A Different Dream" but the EV version of the SB is said to be longer than Wendy's. Let’s hope that we would in the near future be able to enjoy the legendary Badgeholders’ show with a SB in its entirety.

The 6CD set version of the title comes in a package similar to that for EV’s “Rampagin' Cajun”. Its outer case features two photos of the Zeppelin ship waiting to take off (with the band members symbols added on its wings) and flying over the skyscraper, while its three-way foldable inner case features several stage and backstage shots of the band. -TH Nov 2010-

In a change to a regular diet of 1975 US Tour soundboards, Empress Valley has managed to pull off a great coup and release a nearly complete soundboard recording for the opening night at Madison Square Garden in New York, on the 7th June 1977. This was the first of six concerts, a run up to the classic six concerts at the hallowed LA Forum on the West Coast just a few weeks later. The band are very pleased and excited to be back in New York, and Plant makes a number of references to this. And also to the Silver Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II back home in Great Britain. The standard of playing is extremely high, The concert starts with a barrage of fireworks, lit by imbeciles, clearly heard on the mikes before the band get on stage. There are some cuts in the soundboard tape, one just before 4 minutes 30 seconds into No Quarter, and Black Country Woman is a bit of a stumble with bits missing. There is another small cut about 14 minutes and 40 seconds into Moby Dick. 

A great pity that Empress Valley did not use the audience recording to fill the gaps. No doubt, and as is usual these days, dedicated and knowledgeable fans will transform this release and improve and complete it. And then make it available free on the Net. But we must not detract from the importance of this release, and the fact that Empress Valley will no doubt have had to pay a princely sum to the hoarder who has been sitting on this. Full marks to them for this very significant release. The sound quality is in the main fairly well balanced stereo, and extremely good. Some copies come with the audience recording from the 10th June (albeit incorrectly dated 6 June!), a useful bonus. The main release is in a gatefold card release, inside a colour sleeve. -Jules McTrainspotter Nov 2010-.<-(Info taken from

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Rainbow: Lost In Europe. (Power Gate - 227)
Recorded Live at Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden - January 17, 1980.
VG+/Ex- Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Land Of Hope And Glory
02. Countdown / Over The Rainbow
03. Eyes Of The World
04. Love's No Friend
05. Brandenburg Concerto
06. Since You Been Gone
07. All Night Long
08. Catch The Rainbow 

Disc 2
01. Don Airey Keyboard Intro
02. Lost In Hollywood
03. Beethoven 9Th
04. Don Airey Keyboard Solo
05. Cozy Powell Drums Solo Feat 1812 Overture
06. Lost In Hollywood (Reprise)
07. Ritchie Blackmore Solo
08. Lazy
09. Man On The Silver Mountain
10. Blues
11. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
12. Long Live Rock'n'roll
13. Guitar Solo incl. Kill The King
14. Long Live Rock'n'roll (Reprise)
15. Over The Rainbow

Files: 23. :: Size: 225.34 MB (mp3) / 609 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:38:28 hour/s.

Personnel: Graham Bonnet – lead vocals :: Ritchie Blackmore – guitar :: Roger Glover – bass, backing vocals :: Don Airey – keyboards, backing vocals :: Cozy Powell – drums.

Notes: First Rainbow show with Bonnet in Europe. Very nice, clear, crisp sound.

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Kraftwerk: Tour de Transrapid. (HitchHiker :: KRA 310504-2)
Recorded Live at Germany Palladium, Cologne, Germany - March 27, 2004.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CDs :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
1. Vocoder Intro
2. Die Mensch-Maschine (Part 1)
3. Die Mensch-Maschine (Part 2)
4. Expo 2000
5. Tour De France 2003
6. Vitamin
7. Tour De France
8. Autobahn
9. Das Modell
10. Neonlicht
11. Radioaktivität
12. Trans Europa Express
13. Nummern

Disc 2
1. Computerwelt
2. It's More Fun To Compute - Heimcomputer
3. Taschenrechner
4. Die Roboter
5. Elektro Kardiogramm
6. Aero Dynamik
7. Music Non Stop

Files: 20. :: Size: 282.29 MB (mp3) | 763 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:03:23 hour/s.

*** Kraftwerk WORLD TOUR 2004 ***

Personnel: Ralf Hütter – lead vocals, vocoder, synthesizers, organ, drums and percussion, bass guitar :: Fritz Hilpert – electronic percussion :: Henning Schmitz – electronic percussion, live keyboards :: Florian Schneider – synthesizers, background vocals, vocoder, computer-generated vocals, acoustic and electronic flute, live saxophone, percussion, electric guitar, violin.

Notes: Kraftwerk in Cologne, Germany Palladium 2004-03-27. Early show 19:30 (note: 2nd show starts 23:59) "Tour de Transrapid - Trans World Express 2004" Country: UK Released:2004

None of the tracks are used in the 2CD sets "Minimum-Maximum German/International" nor in the DVD with the same name. Yes, I was there, nice show. This recording is one of the FINEST audience tapes I ever heard!!
You must hear once and once again before you identify that it's an audience recording. Original factory pressed silver discs-> EAC->Traders Little Helper: Flac level 6.
.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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The Prodigy: Chemistry. (Rupert 9667)
Recorded Live at Brixton Academy, London, England - October 11, 1996.
Very Good+ Audience Recording :: Bootleg Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps.

01. Smash The Picture
02. Voodoo People
03. Breathe
04. Poison
05. Funky Shit
06. Their Law
07. Bring It Back (Serial Thrilla with rap)
08. Walk The Minefields
09. Firestarter
10. Rock N' Roll
11. No Good (Start The Dance)
12. People Like You
13. Break And Enter

Files: 13. :: Size: 179.43 MB.
Total Time: 01:18:28 hour/s.

Personnel: Keith Flint – vocals :: Liam Howlett – programming :: Maxim – vocals, beatbox :: Jim Davies – guitar :: Gizz Butt – guitar.

Notes: Legendary Gig. Very good-Exc Audience Recording.

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Big Country: Live. ( To-Kei Label)
Recorded Live at Kouseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan - May 04, 1984.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Vinyl Bootleg :: CBR 320 kbps or FLAC.

01. 1000 stars
02. Angle Park
03. Close action
04. Balcony
05. Lost patrol
06. In a big country
07. The storm
08. Porroh man
09. Chance
10. Inwards

Files: 10. :: Size: 129,68 MB (mp3) / 335 MB (Flac).
Total Time: 00:56:43 hour/s.

*** The Crossing Tour ***

Personnel: Stuart Adamson - vocals, guitar, piano :: Mark Brzezicki - drums :: Tony Butler - bass :: Bruce Watson - guitar.

Notes: Vinyl Bootleg "Live" featuring songs from their first album "The Crossing". Released on To-Kei Label. Made in Japan. Lineage: Vinyl Rip with "Cool Record Edit Pro", Clicks and Cracks removed with "Nero Wave Editor", Normalization with "Digital Music Studio". IMHO, Soundboard rather than FM. Rating: 4,5 Stars. <-(Info taken from original nfo file).

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U2: This Show Will Last For Ever. (The Godfatherecords :: G.R.647/648)
Recorded Live at Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil - April 13, 2011.
Excellent Soundboard / FM Broadcast Recording :: Silver CDs :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Intro: Space Oddity/ Even Better Than The Real Thing
02. I Will Follow
03. Get On Your Boots
04. Magnificent
05. Mysterious Ways
06. Elevation
07. Until The End Of The World/ Anthem (snippet)/ He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
08. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
09. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
10. Das Model (With Sue Jorge)
11. Beautiful Day/ Gracias A La Vida (snippet)
12. Miss Sarajevo
13. Zooropa
14. City Of Blinding Lights
15. Vertigo/ It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It) (snippet)

Disc 2
01. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (remix)/ Relax (snippet)/ Two Tribes (snippet)
02. Sunday Bloody Sunday
03. Scarlet
04. Walk On/ You’ll Never Walk Alone (snippet)
05. Desmond Tutu Speech
06. One
07. All I Want Is You (snippet)/ Where The Streets Have No Name/ All You Need Is Love
08. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
09. With Or Without You
10. Moment Of Surrender

Files: 25. :: Size: 306.45 MB (mp3)| 864 MB (flac).
Total Time: 02:13:51 hour/s.

*** U2 360° Tour ***

Personnel: Bono :: The Edge :: Adam Clayton :: Larry Mullen, Jr.

Notes: This Show Will Last For Ever is another great Godfather U2 release in their on-going series of documents from the massive 360° tour. This show is broadcast on South American radio and streamed online for subscribers and is the source used. It’s very clear and enjoyable and one of the label’s best efforts.

Spin magazine reviewed the Saturday show, pointing out that: “On Saturday night as U2’s 360 Tour became the highest-grossing show of all time ($558 million and counting, surpassing the Rolling Stones’ A Bigger Bang tour in 2005-2007), money was not on anyone’s mind as the sonic exoskeleton spider crawled into São Paulo’s Morumbi Stadium with a heavy heart.

“Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced three days of national mourning after a school shooting in Rio de Janeiro two days prior left 12 students dead. Fortunately, random massacres such as this are even more rare then a U2 concert in Brazil; and if there is anything besides a World Cup championship to brighten the mood — at least for the 90,000 in attendance — it’s two hours of textural, sociopolitical-fueled rock and roll pomp and circumstance.”

The review also points out that “‘Even Better than the Real Thing,’ an Achtung Baby gem which has been resurrected from the archives for the first time in a decade for 360’s South American leg. … 360 delivered the sonic goods, with The Edge’s guitar tuned as crisply as thin shards of glass, most notably on ‘I Will Follow,’ ‘Beautiful Day,’ and ‘Where the Streets Have No Name.’ Contrary to rumor (or perhaps wishful thinking), no new songs from U2’s rumored three new albums in 2011 were debuted, though newertracks dominated throughout the night (only six pre-Achtung Baby songs found their way into the set).”

The Wednesday night show is notable for Brazilian singer Seu Jorge joining Bono to sing a cover of Kraftwerk’s “Das Model” with Edge on acoustic guitar.

During the intro to “Beautiful Day,” a fan comes on stage and recites the lyrics in Portuguese. Bono struggles with his voice during parts of the show, and asks the audience to help sing during “I’ll Go Crazy.” Bono again dedicates “Moment of Surrender” to the children who died in last week’s school shooting in Rio. This Show Will Last For Ever is another excellent U2 release on Godfather worth having
. <-(Info taken from

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Paul McCartney: Toronto A. C. C.. (Piccadilly Circus :: PCCD-039/040/041)
Recorded Live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto ON, Canada - October 10, 2005.
Excellent Audience Recording :: Silver CDs :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Opening Film
02. Magical Mystery Tour
03. Flaming Pie
04. Jet
05. I'll Get You
06. Drive My Car
07. 'till There Was You
08. Let Me Roll It
09. Got to Get You into My Life
10. Fine Line
11. Maybe I'm Amazed
12. Long and Winding Road

Disc 2
01. In Spite of All the Danger
02. I Will
03. Jeny Wren
04. For No One
05. Fixing a Hole
06. English Tea
07. I'll Follow the Sun
08. Follow Me
09. Blackbird
10. Eleanor Rigby
11. Too Many People
12. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
13. Good Day Sunshine
14. Band on the Run
15. Penny Lane
16. I've Got a Feeling
17. Back in the USSR

Disc 3
01. Hey Jude
02. Live and Let Die
03. Yesterday
04. Get Back
05. Helter Skelter
06. Please Please Me
07. Mull of Kintyre (Special Song Only for Canada) (With Peel Police Pipe Band)
08. Let It Be
09. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - the End

Files: 38.:: Size: 406.83 MB (mp3) | 1.20 GB (flac).
Total Time: 02:57:45 hour/s.

*** Paul McCartney "US" Tour 2005 ***

Notes: This absolute gem of a recording surfaced a while ago on the Picadilly Circus label. From what I understand
this recording was an early release for the Picadilly label. It is a very good audience recording, and the only
recording of this show known to exist. It is here, presented to you, on the same 3 "discs" as the original
Picadilly release. These tracks have been ripped straight from the silver CD's. "Mull of Kintyre" is played in full
with a Toronto pipe band- a rare treat.

Piccadilly Circus advertise Toronto A.C.C. as being sourced from a complete DAT taped from a VIP seat in front of the stage. The sound quality is similar to the New York tape except the stereo separation is much better and it sounds much more lively. Also unlike the New York tape the Toronto tape records every second of the show from when the lights go down to the final encore, including the ten minute opening film (where Paul talks about his career, John Lennon, etc) and the lengthy audience calls for the encores. Occasionally some conversation is recorded behind the taper but nothing too intrusive (nor very interesting).

This comes in the expected tasteful packaging associated with Piccadilly Circus with a great shot of the Peel Regional Police Pipe Band on stage with Paul, dressed in full regalia. One of the reasons the label chose this show was because of this track, a rare variation from the standard concert. Toronto A.C.C. is a very recommended release, even more so than the New York show given the better recording and the rare encore
.<-(Info taken from original info file + Collectors Music Reviews).

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Ministry: House Of Bones. (RTW 008)
Recorded Live at Ritz Theater, New York, USA - December 16, 1988.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Silver CD :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

01. Flashback
02. Missing
03. Deity
04. Stigmata
05. No bunny
06. Golden dawn
07. No devotion
08. The light pours out of me
09. Smothered hope

Files: 9. :: Size: 125.24 MB (Mp3) / 332 MB (Flac).
Total Time: 00:54:46 hour/s.

Personnel: Al Jourgensen - Vocals, Keyboards :: Paul Barker - Bass, Keyboards :: Bill Rieflin - Guitar, Keyboards :: Jeff Ward - Drums [R.I.P.] :: Chris Connelly - Keyboards ??? :: Nivek Ogre - Guitar, Vocals ???.

Notes: SDB or FM source as there is not much audience noise. From silver boot "House of Bones". The show is not complete, the first 4 tracks are missing.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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The Rolling Stones: Handsome Girls. (The Swingin' Pig :: TSP-CD-200-1/4)
Recorded Live at: Disc 1: Fort Worth, Texas - July 18, 1978 - Disc 2: Fort Worth, Texas - July 18, 1978 + Alternate Mixes - Disc 3: Various (Masonic Hall - Detroit, Mi. - July 6, 1978; Midsouth Coliseum - Memphis, Tenn. - June 28, 1978; Rupp Arena - Lexington, Ky. - June 29, 1978; Hofheinz Pavilion - Houston, Texas - July 19, 1978 - Disc 4: Various (Midsouth Coliseum - Memphis, Tenn. - June 28, 1978; Hofheinz Pavilion - Houston, Texas - July 19, 1978; Rupp Arena - Lexington, Ky. - June 29, 1978) .
Excellent Soundboard / PreFM Recording :: Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Let It Rock
02. All Down The Line
03. Honky Tonk Women
04. Star Star
05. When The Whip Comes Down
06. Beast Of Burden
07. Miss You
08. Just My Imagination
09. Shattered
10. Respectable
11. Far Away Eyes
12. Love In Vain
13. Tumbling Dice
14. Happy

Disc 2
01. Sweet Little Sixteen
02. Brown Sugar
03. Jumping Jack Flash
04. All Down The Line (alternate Mix)
05. Honky Tonk Women (alternate Mix)
06. Starfucker (alternate Mix)
07. When The Whip Comes Down (alternate Mix)
08. Beast Of Burden (alternate Mix)
09. Shattered (alternate Mix)
10. Faraway Eyes (alternate Mix)
11. Jumping Jack Flash (alternate Mix)

Disc 3
01. Let It Rock
02. All Down The Line
03. Honky Tonk Women
04. Star Star
05. When The Whip Comes Down (Official track removed "sucking In The Seventies" Version )
06. Lies
07. Miss You
08. Beast Of Burden
09. Shattered
10. Respectable
11. Just My Imagination
12. Far Away Eyes
13. Love In Vain
14. Tumbling Dice
15. Happy

Disc 4
01. Hound Dog
02. Sweet Little Sixteen
03. Brown Sugar
04. Jumpin' Jack Flash
05. Miss You
06. Lies
07. Beast Of Burden
08. Shattered
09. Just My Imagination
10. Respectable
11. Sweet Little Sixteen

Files: 51. :: Size: 589.41 MB (mp3) / 1.57 GB (flac).
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*** Rolling Stones US Tour 1978 ***

Personnel: Mick Jagger :: Keith Richards :: Charlie Watts :: Ronnie Wood :: Bill Wyman.

Notes: Excellent soundboard set that serves as a document of some of the finest performances found on the 1978 tour. The Rolling Stones - Handsome Girls: Fort Worth, Texas, USA - 18th July 1978 Plus Various Other Broadcasts & Dates in Excellent Quality Sound. (Set Of Four Disc's). The entire Forth Worth show in the best possible sound quality, sourced from the K. B. archives, contained in Disc One and Two. Every song broadcast from the 1978 tour contained in Disc Three and Four. Sound quality is A+. Released by Swingin' Pigs Records.<-(Info taken from

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Complete Abandon: Super Friends Team Up!. (Mid Valley Records 2010 :: MVR 594/595)
Recorded Live at Woking Leisure Centre, Woking, Surrey, England - December 31, 2007.
Superb Audience Recording or Soundboard :: Silver CD/s :: CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. Knock On Wood
03. Reconsider Baby
04. You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover
05. Sea Cruise
06. Gin House (w/Dhani Harrison (aka Ayrton Wilbury))
07. Rockin' Robin (w/Joe Walsh)
08. Rocky Mountain Way (w/Joe Walsh)09. Boys
10. Honey Don't (w/Richard Henry Parkin Starkey Jr)
11. Old Black Joe

Disc 2
01. Auld Lang Syne
02. In The Midnight Hour
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Lucille
05. Blueberry Hill
06. We Shall Not Be Moved
07. Goodnight Irene (w/Pete Townshend)
08. Three Steps To Heaven (w/Pete Townshend)
09. Cocaine (w/Pete Townshend)
10. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
11. Shake Rattle And Roll
12. Little Queenie

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*** The New Year's Eve Crossroads Dance 2007 ***

Personnel: (Complete Abandon Lineup) Eric Clapton, CBE - guitar, vocals :: Andy Fairweather Low - Guitar and Vocals :: Chris Stainton - Keyboards :: Dave Bronze - Bass and Vocals :: Henry Spinetti - Drums :: Gary Brooker - Keyboards and Vocals :: Sharon White & Michelle John - Backing Vocals.Guests: Joseph Fidler "Joe" Walsh :: Richard Henry Parkin Starkey Jr., MBE :: Peter Dennis Blandford "Pete" Townshend :: Dhani Harrison (aka Ayrton Wilbury).

Notes: I still can't believe that this happened and those few I've told have probably taken it with a large pinch of salt. Of these events, a friend once put it, "the less guests, the more Clapton"; here we have the converse. George Harrison's son Dhani played on one number. I actually spoke to him, but without recognising him since he had adopted a bohemian look, in contrast to his clean-cut image from the "Concert for George". So that makes it one and a half Beatles, if we are allowed to count the gene pool. The sound quality is excellent and appears to be a soundboard. As Geetarz might say, "Mid Valley have woven their magic on this". Unfortunately the lineage isn't known, so I would encourage anyone with the genuine silvers to offer afresh. But until that day... Enjoy.<-(Info taken from original info file).

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